Why You Can’t Find the Matching Sock

Jun 22, 2022


The shower water, suddenly less hot for a few seconds.

The outlet that doesn’t work. It worked yesterday.

The missing sock from the dryer.

The way the wooden spoon in the dish drainer caught your sleeve
and so fell over onto the metal salad bowl balanced there,
so the salad bowl fell out of the drainer and clattered onto the marble counter
where it skidded, wobbling, just out of reach, eventually making a suicidal
swan dive, a slow motion crash to the floor. Noise upon noise upon noise.
I thought it would never end. (I was trying to be quiet.)

Faerie tantrums.

We think these things are just coincidences,
but they’re not.

I say again — faerie tantrums.

Prove me wrong.




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