Opening our eyes to the giant sangha that keeps us alive

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Saying grace before a meal wasn’t something I grew up with, but I visited plenty of families who did. The words would come tumbling out of the father’s mouth, or whoever was chosen to say it — and I could never really tell what they were saying. Something about bless…

Things Elizabeth Gilbert is teaching me, from “Big Magic.”

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Gravity is a fact. No one disputes it. If you jump from a great height (or any height, for that matter), it is understood by all that you will never, ever fall up.

It’s comforting to me that I have this fact in common with everyone, every being on the…

None of us matter. All of us matter.

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Walking my little puppy down the street, I was all up in my own importance. Obsessing over my health and what to do about it. Seizure medication that I hate. The desire to get off anti-depressants. Wondering whether an Ayurvedic diet is better than a vegan one. Or just no…

Taking all the story out of depression, and just being with it.

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Depression isn’t fun, but it is impermanent. And just like being on a rollercoaster, wishing you weren’t on it, making it mean something that you’re on it, trying to get off before the ride is over, or trying to make it stop — all those efforts are wasted energy.


One tiny adjustment can bring you all the way out.

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It’s different for everyone, and there are as many ways to deal with depression as there are people. Some need pharmaceuticals. Others, therapy. And others swear by less conventional methods: soul retrieval, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, or cuddling, or even a practice called “bouldering.” (Swear to God, it’s a thing…

These kids show up, and now I really care what happens to them.

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This image is from so I know it was posed. There are several versions of it. (We’ve got the kids photo shoot on Thursday.) The agency secured the venue, set up the cameras and the lighting, and got the photographers ready to go. (Big smiles now!) The little African…

Life lessons from my knitting needles.

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All three of my children have varying degrees of ADHD. My daughter, who now has a magical three-year-old son, has begun working with a coach to help her move through the world more effectively with this condition. She noticed I have many of the same symptoms, and she has improved…

You can hear it. Just stop and listen for real.

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Ram Dass Here and Now is a podcast of teachings that Ram Dass gave during the eighties and nineties. If you forego the long introductions by a sincere gentleman named Ragu Marcus (you have to skip the first ten minutes or so), it’s an amazing trip into Ram Dass’ wisdom.

Try it every day for a month and see what happens.

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We get up in the morning with a vague sense of dread. Then we pick up our phones to flesh out what it’s about.

Me too. I reach for my phone immediately upon waking; and then I ‘doom scroll,’ checking my news sources for the latest awful thing going on…

Feelings don’t belong in the driver’s seat.

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Lately I’ve hit a new low. Schlumping around, depressed, full of self-pity with a generous side order of pandemic- and climate change-related dread. It’s the malaise with a million names, and it’s been in charge of me for the past long time.

Writing has seemed impossible. A “What’s the point?”…


Writer. Yoga teacher. Musician. Buddhist. Quilter. Animal lover. Visible grownup. Hidden child. Secret dancer when all alone. Makes good bread.

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